Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Mayur Patel, your Mt. Pleasant prosthodontist, has advanced training beyond general dentistry. As a specialist, he can offer detailed attention and expertise in smile repair, including restorations and replacements with dental crowns and bridgework.

Our on-site lab also means faster and more predictable results, including same-day dental crowns, and Dr. Patel can oversee your restorations at every stage.

4 Ways Quality Same-Day Tooth Crowns Restore Teeth and So Much More!

Dental crowns are a staple in dentistry. They are tried and true restorations that work in a range of capacities—from saving a tooth, concealing a flaw, and complementing tooth replacement.

Here are the ways we use dental crowns in Mt. Pleasant:

#1 Stabilizing a Tooth

Tooth damage from trauma, infection, or decay can weaken the structure—or there may already be breakage. A tooth crown is a tooth-shaped cap that goes over the entire tooth to support your bite force and avoid fractures or the need for extraction.

#2 Concealing Tooth Flaws

We can use dental crowns in cosmetic dentistry to hide discoloration, small chips, shape problems, and other aesthetic issues.

#3 Capping a Dental Implant

A dental implant is a titanium tooth root that takes the place of the natural root you’ve lost. Your prosthodontist surgically implants this root and allows an integration period—typically several months—and then caps it with a replacement tooth, also called a dental crown. With a few strategically placed implants, your prosthodontist can also secure a full arch of new teeth on a denture.

#4 Supporting a Dental Bridge

Dental crowns work beautifully with a dental bridge to restore your smile when one or two teeth are missing in adjacent locations. Tooth crowns make your bridge a fixed, stable, and reliable prosthetic.

A Dental Bridge Completes Your Smile

A dental bridge is a tooth or teeth situated between dental crowns. The crowns cap the tooth to the left and right of your smile gap, allowing the restorative teeth to complete your smile. This is a stable solution to tooth loss because it does not require adhesive pastes for a secure fit. In fact, only your prosthodontist or dentist can remove a dental bridge.

Maintaining Your Dental Work

In the case of crowns, you take care of your smile as you did before dental work:

  • Brush and floss twice daily
  • Visit your prosthodontist twice yearly
  • Report oral health changes promptly

For your dental bridge, we recommend similar upkeep but encourage a floss threader and small cleaning brush to keep your bridgework in top shape. A member of our team will provide more details.

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