Tooth Extractions in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Patient smiling before tooth extraction in Mt Pleasant SCAt Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry, we extract a tooth for a variety of reasons. While the idea of needing a tooth pulled in Mt. Pleasant, SC can seem daunting, we offer a gentle and compassionate approach to extractions. In some situations, we also discuss tooth replacement options to restore your smile.

Dr. Mayur Patel is a specialist who provides a range of dental treatments, especially smile restorations. When you’re under our care, you can count on Dr. Patel to provide sound and ethical advice when it comes to extraction and tooth replacement.

Why Does a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

If you need a tooth or teeth pulled, we always talk to you about your options, numb the treatment site thoroughly, and offer nitrous oxide to those who need added comfort.

And throughout the process, our team will be with you, working together to ease any anxiety. We also provide aftercare instructions to promote fast healing and easy recovery.

Typically, you’ll only experience one to two days of minor swelling and discomfort, and this can be controlled with ice packs or store-bought Ibuprofen. Your prosthodontist may make more specific recommendations based on your health history. Other recommendations include but are not limited to stopping smoking for twenty-four hours.

Here are some common reasons you may need a dental extraction:

#1 Deep Decay and Damage

Sometimes, when a tooth is damaged or broken below the gumline, a dental crown cannot save it. To keep your smile healthier, your prosthodontist in Mt. Pleasant, SC may recommend extraction.

#2 Before Orthodontics or Prosthetics

If you’re planning orthodontic treatment and your jaw is overcrowded, an extraction may be the best solution. If you’re planning to have full dentures, it will also be necessary to extract any remaining teeth.

#3 Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth erupt at the back of your mouth during the late teens or early 20s. In some cases, these teeth come in easy and don’t infringe on neighboring teeth. But when they don’t have room to erupt properly or push on other teeth, it can be painful and even lead to infection. In these cases, your prosthodontist may recommend extraction.

Dental implant replacing missing tooth in Mt Pleasant SCOptions to Replace Missing Teeth

If you lose a tooth due to trauma or deep decay, we can generally offer tooth replacement options through:

Your prosthodontist assesses your jaw health to help you determine the best choice for your smile restoration.

Talk to Your Dentist about Tooth Extractions in Mt. Pleasant, SC

If you have a painful or broken tooth, troublesome wisdom teeth, or if you’re considering dentures, schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel to talk about treatment and tooth extraction. We want to see our patients enjoy comfortable and healthy smiles.

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