Dental Implants in Mount Pleasant, SC

Group of friends having dinner in Charleston, SCDental implants are the preferred treatment for tooth loss because they offer a more permanent and stable solution than the alternatives.

Dr. Mayur Patel, your Mt. Pleasant, SC prosthodontist, provides quality dental implant solutions for all degrees of tooth loss.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is made of medical-grade titanium, a strong material used for decades in surgeries and dentistry. The body readily accepts titanium, and it can integrate with bone.

In implant technology, the medical-grade titanium is fashioned into a tooth replacement root—thin but durable. Your prosthodontist surgically implants your replacement root after anesthetizing the treatment site. Over several months, the titanium integrates to the bone, creating a stable setting for your replacement tooth, also called a dental implant crown.  

Types of Dental Implants

If you’re missing a single tooth, a single implant is the best solution. However, we can also use dental implant technology if you have significant or full tooth loss.

Because dental implants are strong, we can use them to anchor a dental bridge or denture. For a dental bridge, it often takes only one implant for added stabilization. For more significant tooth loss, your in Mt. Pleasant can secure a denture with four to six implant posts.  

The Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

Aside from smile aesthetics, teeth play an important role in your oral health. A full set of teeth prevents shifting—teeth moving toward smile openings—which can cause bite misalignment, worn teeth, and even future fractures and cavities.

Tooth replacement also allows for a more diverse diet without restrictions because of natural and even chewing force.

Additionally, missing tooth roots lead to bone loss, especially in the lower jaw. This loss can change your profile and give you a prematurely aged or sunken appearance in the cheek area.

How to Care for Your Tooth Implants

Not only do dental implants look and function like real teeth, but you also care for them the same way you would if they were natural.

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Dental checkups
  • Teeth cleanings

Implant screw and dental crown in Mt Pleasant SCThe same good practices also apply—don’t twist off a bottle cap with your teeth or implants. Wear a mouthguard if you compete athletically. Talk to our office if you have bruxism—grinding and clenching your teeth. Dr. Patel can fit you for a custom nightguard to protect your remaining teeth and your new implants.

Schedule a Consultation for Dental Implants in Mount Pleasant

Dr. Patel starts with a consultation to make sure dental implants are the best option for your tooth replacement. He will talk to you about any findings and provide evidence-based advice, allowing you to make the best choice for your smile. Contact Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry to schedule your implant consultation.

Dr. Patel provides dental implant treatment for patients in nearby Southern Carolina areas, including those in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Goose Creek, Isle of Palms, and Ladson.