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Tooth Extraction Recovery

April 30, 2022
Posted By: Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry
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Our teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes, removing a tooth is necessary for the health of your teeth, gums, and overall health. At Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry, we promote excellent oral health and enhanced comfort so you can enjoy a healthier, happier life. We only recommend tooth extractions as a last resort if your oral health and wellness are at risk. This is because a tooth extraction may be necessary to protect your teeth’s functionality and reduce your pain and discomfort.

Dr. Mayur Patel is a skilled general dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC who focuses on delivering exceptional and comfortable dental care. We are a patient-focused practice, and we always put the needs of our patients first. Our Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry team is friendly, understanding, and nonjudgmental, and we will never pressure you into receiving treatment. We want the best for you and your smile, and we will do all we can to support you in attaining optimal oral health!

Common Reasons for a Tooth Extraction 

There are many reasons why someone may need a tooth extraction, such as:

  • Dental trauma 
  • Wisdom teeth 
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Non-restorable breaks and fractures 
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Broken tooth at the gumline

Before your extraction procedure in Mt Pleasant, Dr. Patel can plan for tooth replacement if needed. However, some teeth do not require replacement, such as wisdom teeth or overcrowded teeth. The only way to determine if you need a tooth extraction, replacement, or restoration is to speak with your dentist. Please give us a call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Patel.

Types of Dental Extractions

There are two types of extractions: surgical tooth extractions and simple tooth extractions.

Surgical extractions remove impacted teeth that sit below the gumline or are still partially covered by gum tissue. Impaction can occur if the tooth emerges at an angle or due to overcrowding. An impacted tooth can cause tremendous pain and discomfort, and removing the tooth can alleviate the pain and protect your remaining teeth. 

Simple extractions remove teeth that have successfully erupted from the gums, with the crown still visible. Simple extractions are straightforward and do not usually require stitches.

Your Smile Is in Skilled and Caring Hands

Dr. Patel will explain all your options and help you make an informed and confident decision about treatment. We understand many patients may feel hesitant about dental extractions, but we always take the time to address concerns, answer questions, and create a treatment plan unique to you and your needs. With the Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry team on your side, you don't have to worry about painful wisdom tooth removal because we do all we can to ensure you don't feel any discomfort.

The Dental Extraction Procedure

At Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry, your comfort comes first. Everyone on our team values open and honest communication, and we constantly check in with our patients to ensure they feel safe and in good hands. 

Before we begin the extraction, we will make sure you're relaxed before numbing the tooth with a local anesthetic. We can offer you nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to calm your nerves for additional comfort. 

Dr. Patel is a skillful dentist who has many years of experience performing stress-free, gentle tooth extractions. We use advanced dental technology to provide efficient and precise extractions so you can get back to enjoying a happy, pain-free smile as soon as possible. 

Tooth Extraction Aftercare 

Your dentist will prescribe you pain medication after oral surgery or recommend over-the-counter painkillers. 

Many patients ask us, "Do I sleep with gauze after tooth extraction?" We recommend that you do not sleep with gauze in your mouth, but do pay special attention to the gauze's placement over the extraction site. 

Having a sore throat after a tooth extraction is typical because of the throat's proximity to the surgical site. 

To lower your risk of infection at the extraction site, please take the following steps:

  • Gently clean the area.
  • Avoid smoking or using tobacco products.
  • Avoid drinking with a straw, as this can irritate the extraction site.
  • Avoid chewing on that side of the mouth for several days.
  • Gently brush your teeth and rinse with warm saltwater.
  • Use an ice pack on the face to reduce swelling.
  • Follow specific aftercare instructions given by your dentist. 

If you have any issues following your extraction, please do not hesitate to call your dentist. Our dental office is always available to help you.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Dentist in Mt Pleasant, SC

There are many reasons why a person may need to have a tooth pulled by their dentist. If you have a problematic tooth and your oral health is at risk, Dr. Patel and our team at Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry are here for you every step of the way.

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