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How are dental crowns put on teeth?

If you’ve never had a dental crown, you likely wonder what it is and how it works. Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry offers high quality dental crowns in Mt Pleasant, SC.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover cemented over a treated tooth to the gumline. It is color-matched to your smile and serves a variety of essential purposes. 

4 Ways We Use Tooth Crowns in Mt. Pleasant

#1 Dental Crowns to Protect Teeth

If you have a damaged tooth or we’ve recently treated you for a root canal, we typically cap the tooth with a crown to keep it safe from further damage.

#2 Dental Crowns to Conceal Tooth Flaws

Some patients choose to cap a tooth with a dental crown to hide discoloration and other abnormalities.

#3 Dental Crowns to Anchor Dental Bridges

Bridge teeth stand in for missing teeth. But dental crowns anchor the bridge to healthy teeth.

#4 Dental Crowns to Stand in for Missing Teeth

A dental implant post acts as an artificial tooth root, while a dental crown acts as an artificial tooth.

Book an Appointment for Dental Crowns in Mt Pleasant

Your Mt. Pleasant prosthodontist prepares the tooth for crowning. This involves removing old filling materials and etching the tooth to make it ready for capping. We then fix the crown over the tooth, cementing it for stability.

To arrange a tooth crown consultation, contact Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry today.

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