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Dr. Mayur Patel

What will happen when I get a dental implant?

The implant (prosthetic tooth root) is surgically inserted into the jawbone in the area where a tooth is missing, and a dental crown is constructed to act as the visible portion of the tooth. Dental implant surgery is usually less painful than having a tooth surgically extracted.

However, after placing your dental implant, we cover it with gum tissue, allowing it to heal and integrate with the bone over several months. While the healing and integration occur, your prosthodontist in Mount Pleasant provides a temporary replacement tooth for aesthetics.

When integration is complete, we uncover it and attach an abutment to the post, followed by a dental crown. A dental crown feels, looks, and acts like a natural tooth—right down to the way you care for it. Simply brush, floss, and visit your prosthodontist for regular checkups and professional teeth cleanings.

If you want to replace all your teeth, ask Dr. Patel about implant-supported dentures in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Implant dentures anchor your smile to prevent clicking and slippage.

For Tooth Implants, Contact Our Mount Pleasant Prosthodontist

Our goal is to provide you with a full, functioning smile that you can be proud of. If you would like to arrange a consultation for implants, a friendly staff member can get you started today.

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