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How long does wisdom tooth removal take?

Your Mt. Pleasant dentist and prosthodontist first has you in for a consultation if your wisdom teeth are causing trouble. At this visit, we can give a reasonable estimate as to how long wisdom tooth removal will take.

Wisdom teeth typically erupt in the late teens or sometime during your twenties. Sometimes they come in normally and don’t cause problems. Or they sometimes partially erupt, causing infection or pushing on neighboring teeth. Problematic wisdom teeth should be removed.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

We use image-guided technology and plan your extraction carefully. In some cases, it is only one wisdom tooth that needs pulling. In other cases, it may be all four.

Some wisdom tooth removal is straightforward. Other times you need a surgical extraction.

No matter the case, we ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable during your procedure. We can also offer mild sedation.

Considerations that determine how long extraction might take include:

  • Number of wisdom teeth we need to remove
  • The complexity of the removal—straightforward or surgical

After removal, we provide aftercare instructions to promote prompt healing.

Arrange Wisdom Tooth Removal in Mt. Pleasant, SC

If your wisdom teeth are giving you trouble, we encourage you to contact Carolina Center for Restorative Dentistry at (843) 849-9044 to arrange a consultation with Dr. Mayur Patel today.

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